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TIME magazine : Who is Gitanjali Rao ?



Indian-American Gitanjali Rao, a “brilliant” young scientist and inventor, has been named by TIME magazine as the first-ever ‘Kid of the Year’ for her “astonishing work using technology to tackle issues ranging from contaminated drinking water to opioid addiction and cyberbullying.”

“The world belongs to those who shape it. And however uncertain that world may feel at a given moment, the reassuring reality seems to be that each new generation produces more of what these kids have already achieved: positive impact, in all sizes,” Time said.

Ms. Rao, 15, was selected from a field of more than 5,000 nominees as TIME’s first-ever Kid of the Year. She was interviewed by actor and activist Angelina Jolie for the TIME special.

“Observe, brainstorm, research, build and communicate,” Ms. Rao told about her process during a virtual talk with Ms. Jolie from her home in Colorado.

She spoke about her astonishing work using technology to tackle issues ranging from contaminated drinking water to opioid addiction and cyberbullying, and about her mission to create a global community of young innovators to solve problems the world over.

“Even over video chat, her brilliant mind and generous spirit shone through, along with her inspiring message to other young people: don’t try to fix every problem, just focus on one that excites you,” Time said.

“If I can do it,” she said in the interview, “anybody can do it.”

Ms. Rao said her generation is facing many problems that they have never seen before.

“But then at the same time, we’re facing old problems that still exist. Like, we’re sitting here in the middle of a new global pandemic, and we’re also like still facing human-rights issues. There are problems that we did not create but that we now have to solve, like climate change and cyberbullying with the introduction of technology,” she said.

“I think more than anything right now, we just need to find that one thing we’re passionate about and solve it. Even if it’s something as small as, I want to find an easy way to pick up litter. Everything makes a difference. Don’t feel pressured to come up with something big,” she said.

“When asked when she knew that science was her passion,” Ms. Rao said she always wanted to put a smile on someone’s face. “That was my everyday goal, just to make someone happy. And it soon turned into, How can we bring positivity and community to the place we live?”

Ms. Rao added that she doesn’t look like “your typical scientist.”

“Everything I see on TV is that it’s an older, usually white man as a scientist. It’s weird to me that it was almost like people had assigned roles, regarding like their gender, their age, the colour of their skin. My goal has really shifted not only from creating my own devices to solve the world’s problems, but inspiring others to do the same as well. Because, from personal experience, it’s not easy when you don’t see anyone else like you. So I really want to put out that message: If I can do it, you can do it, and anyone can do it,” she said.

She said when she was in second or third grade, she started thinking about how she can use science and technology to create social change. She said she was 10 when she told her parents that she wanted to research carbon nanotube sensor technology at the Denver Water Quality Research Lab.

When asked by Ms. Jolie if Ms. Rao does things that kids her age do, she said: “actually I spend more time doing 15-year-old things during the quarantine. I bake an ungodly amount. It’s not good, but it’s baking. And, like, it’s science too.”

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Alia Bhatt came close to Ranbir Kapoor, bought so many million apartments in the neighborhood



Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who are included in the famous couple, are always in the news about their relationship, sometimes their marriage, and the day they come. These two stars have been dating each other for a long time and people are eagerly waiting for their marriage. But now news has come that these stars have become neighbors before becoming husband and wife. Yes! Alia Bhatt has bought a new apartment in the apartment building of Ranbir Kapoor.

According to the news published in our associate website, Alia Bhatt has bought an apartment in the same building located in Pali Hill, Bandra which also has Ranbir Kapoor’s apartment. So it would not be wrong to say that Alia has come closer to her boyfriend.

Alia’s apartment is worth how many crores
According to this news, Alia’s apartment is 2460 square feet. Its value of Ranbir is being told at Rs 32 crore. Let us tell you that Ranbir’s apartment is on the 7th floor in this building. At the same time, Alia has taken apartment on the 5th floor.

Let me tell you that she now lives in a house in Aaliyahu, which she took two years ago. At the same time, information has come out that she is preparing to shift to her new apartment soon. Because Alia has talked to Gauri Khan for interior designing of her new apartment. Along with this, Alia has also done havan and Lakshmi worship in her new apartment.

Talking about the workfront, these days Alia is busy with her three big budget films. She will soon be seen in Ayan Mukerji’s big budget film ‘Brahmastra’ alongside Ranbir Kapoor. Along with this, she will also be seen in lead roles in ‘Bahubali’ director S Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Gangubai Kathiawad’.

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Chandan taunts Krishna with Govinda in Kapil Sharma show, know what happened then



The controversy between Krishna Abhishek and Govinda is in the news these days. Recently, Chandan Prabhakar has taunted Krishna in the Kapil Sharma show in the name of Govinda. Actually, a new promo of the Kapil Sharma Show has come out which showed that Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Tripathi reached the show. During this, Krishna appeared in the role of Amitabh Bachchan.

During this, Sandalwood and Krishna keep pulling each other’s legs. Then Krishna says what is there that I cannot do and you can do. That’s why Chandan says, I can perform in every episode of Govinda, can you?

Listening to Chandan, where Krishna stands silent, all the others laugh out loud. After this Chandan points to Babaji’s thulling towards Krishna.

Please tell that Krishna had said that Govinda did not even come to meet his sons, who were battling for life in the hospital. Denying Krishna’s claims, Govinda said in an interview a few days ago, “I went to see the children in the hospital with my family.” There I also met a doctor and nurse caring for children. However, the nurse told me that Kashmirira did not want any member of my family to meet her. When we requested, we were allowed to see the children from a distance and we had returned home with a heavy heart. ‘

Govinda believes that Krishna is not aware of this incident. Govinda said, ‘On behalf of Krishna and Kashmira, the media has been making statements that defame me. I do not understand what they are getting from all these things. ‘

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Alia Bhatt did a special birthday to Shaheen Bhatt, elder sister, shared a heart-touching note with pictures



Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt celebrated her birthday with elder sister Shaheen Bhatt. He shared pictures with Shaheen Bhatt on social media. While sharing these pictures, he has written a beautiful note. In which the memories of childhood till now have been mentioned. Shaheen has thanked Aaliya for this post.

Shaheen Bhatt, elder sister of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, celebrated her 32nd birthday on Saturday. On the occasion of birthday, Alia Bhatt wished her elder sister a birthday and shared many pictures. The bonding between the two sisters is seen in these pictures. Alia Bhatt has also written a beautiful and cute birthday note with these pictures.

In the first picture, Alia is seen kissing on the cheek of her elder sister Shaheen. At the same time, the second picture is a mirror selfie, in which Alia and Shaheen are seen making funny face expressions. At the same time, the third picture is of his childhood. In this black and white picture, Shaheen has placed her hand on Alia’s shoulder and both of them are seeing a smile.

Alia Bhatt wrote, “You have always been my angel since childhood. You have really given me wings. We used to dance on beds and things together. I loved the fact that we have our own language, which is Filled with fruits and vegetables. Life is quite modest without you. Who will take care of my feet and arms without you? I know we are technically sisters, but I am sure you are my soulmate too. “

Shaheen Bhatt commented on this

Alia Bhatt further writes, “You make every moment better. I really don’t know what I would do without you !!” Alia’s sister Shaheen commented on this post and thanked her for the sweet note. He wrote, “You are my everything, sweetie. You are my sun ray and if the weather is bad, I also have my umbrella. Today is the day, today I celebrate you.”

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